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A leader in Manufacturing of Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

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Floor Heatech’s electric underfloor heating systems are your perfect solution for comfortable floor heating. Designed as a cost efficient, do it yourself underfloor heating project, we can provide you with the perfect underfloor heating system, be it a secondary underfloor heating source or your primary heating source.

Is it real or is it Fake grass the material available today is virtually as good as real grass, with today’s technology fake grass is availing in varying grades to suit every situation.

Our Quickmat systems contain a self-adhesive, which makes the installation of our electric underfloor heating system much easier and faster then traditional methods. In fact, our underfloor heating systems are so easy to install, you can lay our Quickmat's and your choice of flooring in the same day! To make installation even less painless, we provide floor plan layouts to assist you with the install of our electric underfloor heating system.

The heating system utilizes an underfloor temperature sensing thermostat that can accommodate a wide range of voltages and if desired, can control many different rooms containing our Quickmat underfloor heating system. Vacation control and the ability to choose between measuring the heating of floor or air temperature are just some of the functions available with our electric underfloor heating systems thermostats.

A Few Underfloor Heating Options:

  • 100 W/Sqm Quickmat is an electric underfloor heating system used for Comfortable Floor Heating.
  • 150 W/Sqm Quickmat is an electric underfloor heating system used for Primary Floor Heating in houses.
  • 200/Sqm Quickmat is an electric underfloor heating system that can be used as Primary source of heat in conservatories.
  • Custom Quickmats available on special customer needs. Please ask a sales representative for more details regarding a customized electric underfloor heating system.

If you are looking for an easy underfloor heating solution for your underfloor heating needs, you’ve come to the right place. Go to our Online Estimate section now for a free online quote and order today to experience the comfort of underfloor heating.

It is this attention to electrical safety and quality that has made us a household name and has lead to the ongoing development of a wide range of domestic heating solutions.

We have been making domestic heating appliances for over 45 years and has an ongoing commitment to consumer care through innovation, quality and value for money.

Every appliance is made in accordance with the latest international safety standards and is tested before leaving the factory.

If you require installation for the underfloor heating that you have bought, you should look at your local heating electrics specialists that can install the appliance. Should you require some building work done make sure that the work is carried out by professionals that have passed their health and safety exams to ensure a safe working area in your home for both you and the builders.

Electric Underfloor Heating has never been this simple!

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